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Turquoise blue sprayed macrame knotted wine bottle


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This is a recycled wine bottle with blue lights inside, it has a macrame thread knotted around the outside and a beautiful blue spray finish that is 100% unique.
It has been sprayed with a special blend of sprays to create the unique finish.

This bottle light would be perfect as a gift for a birthday or anniversary, beautiful to light a Summer meal or playful themed bedroom. These lights are beautiful in a gazebo or tent in the garden for evening BBQ’s.

To turn the lights on and off just slide the switch on the faux cork in the bottle neck.
Each has the cork glued in, party to prevent water getting inside but so that they don’t fall out and drag the lights out in transit. To change the three little LR44 bulbs inside the faux cork just give the cork a good twist to break the seal of the glue.

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Turquoise blue sprayed macrame knotted wine bottle

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