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Snuffle Mats


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Want to keep your pets busy during meal times or even treat times?

Then the snuffle mat is just the thing you need, loved by dogs, cats and small animals alike.

Simply hide your pets dry food within the densely packed fleece strips (30% denser than others on the market), and let them do what comes natural to them, they really will enjoy seeking out the food hidden within, helping to tire them out mentally, reducing unwanted destructive behaviours such as chewing the furniture and hyperactivity.

Machine washable at 30

Choose from a square or circle mat.
Plain or patterned fabric in a variety of colours and patterns.

Please will you let me know your colour preference(s) in the order notes box, each one has been marked with a number or name in the images.

Please allow 10-14 days for delivery of your pets mat.

Small Square (upto 2 colours): approx 9” x 9” suitable for- small breed dogs and puppies, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and cats.

Medium square (upto 3 colours): approx 12” x 12” suitable for- small – medium breed dogs and puppies, large breed rabbits, large breed cats.

Large Square (upto 4 colours): approx 15” x 15” suitable for- medium to large breeds, giant breed puppies.

Extra Large Square (upto 5 colours): approx 19” x 19” suitable for – Large to giant breeds

Small circle: approx 9” suitable for- small breed dogs and puppies, cats, rats, tunes pigs, ferrets, rabbits

Medium circle: approx 12” suitable for – small- medium breed dogs and puppies, large breed rabbits, large breed cats.

Large circle: approx 15” suitable for- medium to large breed dogs and puppies

Extra large circle: approx 19” suitable for- large to giant breed dogs and puppies


Extra Large (upto 5 colours), Large (upto 4 colours), Medium- upto 3 colours, Small- upto 2 colours


Circle, Square- box pattern, Square- diagonal stripe, Square- horizontal stripe, Square- Random

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Shipping from United Kingdom (UK)
Within United Kingdom (UK) Free
Outside United Kingdom (UK) £3.60

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Snuffle Mats

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