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Intellectual Property

Wow Makes is a marketplace and platform for sellers to promote, sell or offer services provided by themselves. Wow Makes does not upload, own, sell or provide any service to the buyer and as such the sole responsibility of ownership of any rights lays upon the seller themselves in accordance with our terms and conditions. Sellers are solely responsible for any legal dispute with regards to rights ownership.

We reserve the right to disable, remove listings, close shops of any seller who is proved to be breaking the law or violating our terms and conditions.

As a marketplace for sellers, Wow Makes takes intellectual property rights seriously. We comply with intellectual property law and best practices. We will always enforce the rights of the rightful owner. We will also remain fair and unbiased to each party should a intellectual property case be presented.

We will not give any legal advice to either parties nor shall we judge who is right or wrong, such matters must be sorted out between the parties involved. We will however use common sense and if we judge that a claim is malicious we will dismiss the claim without notice.

Submit A Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice (DMCA)

The original rights owner can submit a DMCA notice here
Once this form is submitted we may ask you for more information.

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